Book Promotion: Hidden In The Leaves

Thursday, January 19, 2017

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I am excited to be here today to share with you some news about a new triology that may be of interest to you. Hidden By The Leaves is book that I haven't read (yet!) but looks to be an interesting one. I am happy to share with some details about it:

Book Synopsis: 
Amid an epic story of good vs. evil, a small village defies an oppressive regime and finds freedom through the power of faith. When European Jesuits first arrived in Japan in the 1540s, the island nation was open to new people bringing new ideas and beliefs. Within just a few decades, more than 100,000 Japanese converted to the Catholic faith. But in 1614, Christianity was banned by the shogun; all those who did not either recant their faith or obey the banishment would be annihilated. In Hidden by the Leaves, Father Joaquim Martinez represents the Jesuits in Japan at the time. Living in a small peasant village, ruled by the cruel, self-serving warlord Matsukura Shigemasa, Father Joaquim and his two young catechists, Miguel and Tonia, choose to risk their lives by defying the banishment order to stay and help the villagers who have become their family. Rooted in history, Hidden by the Leaves chronicles Father Joaquim’s and the villagers’ miracle-filled attempts to escape the clutches of the vicious shogun, the relentless warlord, and their hordes of powerful samurai.



Extended Author Bio: 
Mr S D L Curry is an author who has written extensively since a child, earning him recognition for a variety of private short stories and novels throughout his early years and formal education, where he earned a Bachelor, Masters and other post-graduate accreditations.
In writing Hidden by the Leaves, a substantial part of Mr Curry’s research emanates from the Vatican Secret Archives, taking over ten years to complete. Over the period of a decade, Mr Curry has conducted meticulous research in the archives of the British Library in London, the Metropolitan Library of New York, and countless museums, churches, and places of interest throughout Japan. Supplementing his research, Mr Curry is an avid collector of rare books, maps, and artefacts dating back to the time of the shogun and the early Jesuit missions in Japan.

As part of his historical explorations, Mr Curry has conducted comprehensive on-the-ground research in Nagasaki and surrounding cities and regions on the southern island of Kyushu. On a more global level, Mr Curry has interviewed and consulted extensively with priests, historians, and scholars around the world, including members of the Society of Jesus in Europe, North America, and Asia.

From an early age, Mr Curry has lived, worked, and studied in Japan, holding a passion for the country, its people and its culture. Based on his extensive research, Mr Curry is an expert in medieval Japanese history, bringing this original authenticity to bear in his uplifting novel Hidden by the Leaves and the wider Hidden Trilogy series.

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Book Review: Flicker and Mist

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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I am excited to be here today with you discuss a book that has been on my TBR for over a year because I had the chance to do an early promotion of the cover for it. Now that the book has finally released, I was looking forward to diving into this one. (I'm so glad I did!) 

For my local DC friends, there is an event at One More Page tonight with the author. I won't be able to go due to conflicts, but I hope you can and have a wonderful time!


Author: Mary G. Thompson
"Mixed-race heroine Myra is a Flickerkin and can flicker (become invisible) at will. She hasn't cultivated or revealed this ability, since Flickerkin are persecuted as potential criminals and spies. When invisible people become tricksters and then murderers, Myra's Flickerkin heritage becomes a deadly secret, putting her relationship with the leader's son-and her own life-in jeopardy."

Event Information:
Wed, Jan 18 at 6:30 pm: Join One More Page to celebrate the launch of Mary G. Thompson's new Young Adult fantasy novel FLICKER AND MIST which weaves romance, intrigue and plenty of action into a rich and suspenseful narrative. She'll discuss the writing process, take audience questions, and sign books. A wine tasting precedes the discussion and there will be CUPCAKES!!

Personal Review:
If you love fantasy, this is the book for you. In this book, we meet Myra who has special abilities. She has never wanted to use those, but with the world changing around her, she has to make a decision. In this learning about who you are, where you stand against the world book, Myra learns about herself and where she can help.

I enjoyed this book because not only was it entertaining, but the themes throughout made you think about loyalties. What is it that you believe in and what is it that you are willing stand for. I appreciated those concepts very much.

I recommend this book for those looking for an imaginative read that keeps you entertained. Thanks Mary for the opportunity to review this book. And please check out her event tonight if you get the chance! :)

Disclaimer: I was awarded this book from the author. Though I did not pay for the book, the opinions are strictly my own.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Underrated/Hidden Gem Books I've Read In The Past Year Or So

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

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Just stopping by with another Top Ten Tuesday!  This week's topic is Top Ten Tuesday is about books that are Underrated/Hidden Gem Books I've Read In The Past Year Or So. I am looking forward to sharing my list with you and I hope that you get a chance to pick these up soon and dive in! :) (*I'm actually sharing 11, because they are worth mentioning!) 

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MLK Day 2017

Monday, January 16, 2017

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Happy MLK Day Friends!

There is alot that can be said about today, but I think that this quote sums up alot of what I am thinking about. There are going to be hard times and hard days, but we need to keep moving forward. I am hoping for your sake there are less hard times and more good times.

I am very thankful for the limited hard times in my life right now. I have alot to be thankful for and you're all part of that.

Thanks for being part of my book world!



Guest Post with Brian Rutenberg

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Hi Everyone!

I am excited to be here today with you with a guest post from Brian Rutenberg. He has a new book out and I had a chance to find out about the book a little more. Please help me by giving him a warm welcome!

This is what I do and how I do it                                               
By Brian Rutenberg

I’m not a writer. I’m a painter who wrote a book. That premise was front and center during the two years spent writing CLEAR SEEING PLACE.

For the past five years, I have been self-producing a YouTube video series called Brian Rutenberg Studio Visits to give working artists of all levels a glimpse into my painting life. Each episode features me sitting in a chair looking directly into the camera and expressing whatever is on my mind, as if we were having cold beers and talking shop. Artists have always benefitted from intimate gatherings to exchange ideas, debate, and be around one another during tough times; such gatherings reminded them that they were not alone. The art world has become a highly competitive and commercialized place, but that human need for communion remains; witness the prominence of social media platforms like Facebook and Pinterest in the daily lives of artists. Never has it been easier to disseminate images to global audiences in seconds; however, as our awareness expands, there remains a hunger for the wondrous strange of the local. My videos are created in this spirit. The message is simple: This is what I do and how I do it.

The response has been overwhelming. I receive emails every single day from artists around the world sharing their victories and struggles. It became clear that, with fifty five episodes and counting, I had enough original content to compose a book. There is already a full color monograph on my work, published by Radius in 2008, which sold out two printings. However, I didn’t want to follow that template again; painters are terrible collaborators, but we are really good at baking stuff. Because my videos are 100 percent self-made (I write the content, do the lighting, camera work, editing, and promotion), I can say whatever the hell I want. My book had to be the same. I wrote CLEAR SEEING PLACE over the course of two years on my iPad in New York Subways, in Central Park, and in dark corners at Starbucks all over Manhattan. The content is organized in six clear sections, each of which explores a primary part of my painting life: Living, Wandering, Towering, Seeing, Working, and Showing. I kept the margins wide and the font larger than industry standards because I wanted it to be a working book, not a book about work; it is designed to be in studios. With a rough draft, I formed my own publishing house (Permanent Green) and hired the best editor possible. Then I discovered Girl Friday Productions, who took over and shaped the book into a fully realized product: polished, proofread, typeset, and exactly what I envisioned. CLEAR SEEING PLACE was released on October 21, 2016, spent weeks as an Amazon Number One Bestseller in two categories, and continues to get rave reviews.

I’m still not a writer. But I am one grateful painter.

Bio: Widely considered to be one of the finest American painters of his generation, Brian Rutenberg has spent forty years honing a distinctive method of compressing the rich color and form of his native coastal South Carolina into complex landscape paintings that imbue material reality with a deep sense of place. He is a Fulbright Scholar, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow, a Basil Alkazzi USA Award recipient, an Irish Museum of Modern Art residency programme participant, and he has had over two hundred exhibitions throughout North America and in Europe. Rutenberg's paintings are in private collections all over the world and are included in such museum collections as the Butler Institute of American Art, Yale University Art Gallery, the Bronx Museum of Arts, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Peabody Essex Museum of Art, Greenville County Museum of Art, and many others. His popular YouTube series "Brian Rutenberg Studio Visits" is viewed daily by people all over the world. He lives and works in New York with his wife Kathryn, and their two children. 

Additional Information on Amazon


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Reading Recap

Saturday, January 14, 2017

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Just stopping by today with a couple of mini reviews of books that I have reading for the book challenges that started in 2017.

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
This book was recommended to me by my mother in law. I found the book an interesting read, especially considering that we will be going China this year! (For vacation) I found out alot about a culture that I did not know much about and I found this to be interesting way to learn about it, by following the lives of those in it.

The Walls Around Us
Sometimes it is hard to admit what happened in situations. This book speaks to that dynamic and the story of how it impacts multiple people's lives. The themes of justice, friendship, and loyalties all play out in this interesting read.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before
This book was very cute. This was the story of Lara Jean. Her personal letters to the boys that she has loved get released to them and it creates some interesting dynamics in her world. A young at heart book, I enjoyed this read and I am looking forward to the next one.

The Way I Used To Be
I decided to buddy read this book with my friend @brittany_reads. What a powerful book. I was warned that you might need Kleenex for this one and that was no joke. This book is about the events that happen follow a sexual assault at different points in the main characters life. This book was not easy to read, but powerful.

The Art of Being Normal
I have to be honest, I thought that this book was going to be about a student who identifies as gay. Turns out, it is actually about a student who identifies as transgender. This book is David and his desire to become female. This book was another powerful read and I hope that it will be a piece that those in that same place can relate to and know that they are not alone.

Happy Reading!

Book Review: Warren the 13th and the All Seeing Eye

Friday, January 13, 2017


 Summary from Goodreads: 
Warren the 13th is the lone bellhop, valet, waiter, groundskeeper, and errand boy of his family’s ancient hotel. It’s a strange, shadowy mansion full of crooked corridors and mysterious riddles—and it just might be home to a magical object known as the All-Seeing Eye. Can Warren decipher the clues and find the treasure before his sinister Aunt Annaconda (and a slew of greedy hotel guests) beats him to it?

This middle-grade adventure features gorgeous two-color illustrations on every page and a lavish two-column Victorian design that will pull young readers into a spooky and delightful mystery.


Personal Review:
Happy Friday the 13th! If you are looking for a quick, delightful read to get you in the right mood for this superstitious day, then this may be the book for you. In this book, we meet Warren, the groundskeeper of a mansion. The book allows us to follow along with Warren as he goes on adventure to solve the clues.

I enjoyed the plot of this book. It was interesting and engaging. However, what I enjoyed most about this book was the illustrations. I had this book in e-format, but I can only imagine what they look like in print.

The story was entertaining and I am glad that I had a chance to pick this one up. If you are looking for a quirky story, check this one out. Plus the second one in series is out in March, so you won't have to wait much longer! :)

Check out that cover here:

 Disclaimer: I was awarded this book as part of the Quirk Books #Quirksgiving Contest. Though I did not pay for the book, the opinions are strictly my own.

Happy Reading!